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Rouse Brother Lawn Care

Welcome to Rouse Brothers Lawn Care: Your property is our top priority

All properties are tailored to the customer's wants and needs. Whether the customer wants their grass cut every 5-7 days or 10-14 days, we strive at keeping all customers satisfied and happy.

Weekly Maintenance includes:

Mow: A professional cut with alternating patterns.

Trim and Edge: Along all walkways, driveways, and landscaping beds.

Blow: Removing all grass clippings from all hard surfaces and landscaping beds.

Heat and humidity impact the health of the grass. We mow as necessary in these conditions, saving customers money if the grass doesn't need cut along with keeping the lawn looking as green as possible. We cut at a height that keeps the grass green and the weeds from spreading. Leaf Removal Removing leaves from your yard, landscaping beds, and hard surfaces. We perform these duties on the customer's request. We suggest at least two times during the fall months.